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According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) There a number of benefits to be derived from Diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES).

Annie's Memorial Chronic Disease Education Center (amcec)

Diabetes management costs a lot and DSMES gives you an opportunity to reduce those costs

Annie's Memorial Chronic Disease Education Center (amcec)

DSMES is your opportunity to have all your questions and concerns answered. Your diabetes educator would work with you in charting a path through or around your challenges that will remove most of the gloom surrounding diabetes management, making you feel confident about your chances of overcoming this condition and living the healthy, full life you deserve.

DSMES reduces HbA1c by as much as 1%. I have seen persons had their HbA1c reduced by between 4 – 6%. This is significant as it indicates a broader picture as to how well you are managing your diabetes and good management of diabetes prevents complications and other costs related to diabetes management.

Annie's Memorial Chronic Disease Education Center (amcec)

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Testimonies and improvements from our clients clearly reaffirm the importance and value-added benefit of DSME

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