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Diabetes Care

$ 0
per session

Diabetes Self-Management Education  Program (DSMES), Diabetes Self-Management Consultation (DSMC) & Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

Cardiovascular Care

$ 0
per session

Full support for Heart diseases and conditions , Physical and Virtual counselling sessions tailored to your need and schedule.

First Aid CPR/BLS Training

$ 0

With our well trained professionals, you will gain the knowledge and certification required to handle basic heart emergency conditions.

Tailor-Made Services Just For You

All counseling/coaching will follow a five-step process

1. Discuss your background. This is where we get to know each other. Lifestyle and habits, health, and wellness activities you have tried before, what worked and what didn’t.
2. Agree on long and short term goals. Why did you come for counseling? What do you hope to achieve in the next 3 months?
3. Agree on a plan for the way forward to achieving those goals
4. Communicate regularly (2-5 times a week) on challenges and successes encountered in implementing the plan
5. After two to three weeks discuss the process and results and adjust the plan if necessary

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