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Diabetes Care

the nurse and diabetes

The Nurse and Diabetes: World Diabetes Day 2020

In this article, you will be well informed of the important roles nurses play in supporting people with a wide range of health concerns including diabetes. Because this year is dedicated to Nurses and Midwives, the International Diabetes Federation gave this years’ diabetes day theme as; Diabetes and the Nurse.

risk factors to look out for in diabetes

Risk factors to look out for in diabetes

An estimated 463 million people live with diabetes. How can we prevent it?
In this blog post, you will understand the various risk factors for diabetes and how to prevent them.


nurses make the difference

Diabetes – Nurses Make The Difference

In commemoration of Diabetes Awareness Month, the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago hosts this diabetes education webinar. This webinar will be very beneficial to helping you better understand diabetes and its management. So register early and secure your spot now!